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4195 20 Gal Kit Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy Flooring

  • SKU: 4195-000-5
  • 1608.91 USD$1,608.91


4195 Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy for Garage Floors

Direct-to-Concrete Pigmented Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating and Sealer for Garage Floors

4195 Direct-to-Concrete  Pigmented Epoxy Floor Coating system for garage floors is designed specifically for receiving the vinyl chips that are used to create the Roll on Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring System and Industrial Flooring System.

The 4195 Epoxy uses 4150 Moisture-Blocking Epoxy Floor Primer as the backbone. The ideal chipping window for 4195 Epoxy is between 15 and 45 minutes of application, where 4150 Epoxy ideal chipping window is 30-60 minutes. 4195  Epoxy for garage floors is available in over eight colors that are designed to work well with any flake combination.

4195 Epoxy is self-priming which allows the applicator to broadcast into the first coat under most circumstances. 4195 Epoxy wicks deep into the concrete and bonds so well that you can expect to get over 8 lbs of MVE blocking power. You can also use 4195 Epoxy as a primer beneath other Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polyurea, and Polyaspartic systems when they are being applied to concrete floors and slabs.

4195 Epoxy exhibits all of the great features needed in an epoxy concrete floor coating. 4195 Epoxy is also a great epoxy flooring choice when a solid color pigmented epoxy floor coating and sealer is desired. In most cases, all that is needed is one or two coats of the 4195 Epoxy to achieve a tough uniform solid color of a new or old concrete floor or slab. 4195 Epoxy has great pot life and a low odor making it a very easy epoxy floor coating product to apply to a concrete floor in your garage, showroom, or workspace.

Features & Advantages

  • MVE tolerant (moisture vapor emissions)
  • Ideal for chipping with vinyl flakes and is typically used with the Roll on Rock® Epoxy Floor Coating System
  • Wicks deeply into concrete floors and slabs
  • Sticks to wet concrete floors
  • Use over new or old concrete floors
  • Low oOdor
  • Use as a stand-alone solid color epoxy flooring sealer
  • Easy to apply
  • Self-priming to concrete floors
  • Long pot life
  • Can be accelerated to dry in about two hours without impacting performance

Where Used:

  • Residential garage floors
  • Industrial concrete floors
  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Retail flooring
  • Anywhere else epoxy garage floors are needed
4195 Chipping Epoxy
Physical Properties
Chemical Resistance
Tests Done at 70 Degrees
  Acetone Spotting
Fahrenheit with 1/2 Pint Mass
Pot Life 54 Minutes   Xylene No Effect
      10% HCL Spotting
Through Dry (Hours) 10.5   Ammonia No Effect
VOC 30 g/l   Degreaser Faint Spotting
Percent Solids 95/Wt. 92/Vol.   Liquid Plumr Faint Spotting
Flammable No   Vinegar Faint Spotting
Odor Low   Clorox Faint Spotting
Pencil Hardness H-2H   Windex No Effect
UV Resistance Poor   Motor Oil No Effect
Non Yellowing Poor   Gasoline No Effect
Abrasion Resistance OK   Hot Tire N/A
  • Coating a White Garage Floor
  • Finished Epoxy Flooring
  • Glossy Concrete Sealant
  • Home Garage Sealed Concrete”
  • 4195 Direct to Concrete Pigmented Epoxy Concrete Garage and Industrial and Commercial Flooring
  • Concrete before 4195 product is applied
  • Preparing garage for concrete coating
  • Finished 4195 Direct to concrete flooring
  • Home Garage with Pigmented Epoxy Flooring
  • Personal Garage in the Coating Process
  • Completed 4195 Coating System
  • Direct to Concrete Coating

Note: Our full-time graphic designer has created the color charts for epoxy floors below to give as close a representation of our products' appearance as possible. Your computer's display settings may vary the appearance of the color samples in our color charts for epoxy floors.

Solid Epoxy Colors

4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Adhesion Test

4195 adhesion testimonial

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