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1010 Solid-X Trowelable Epoxy Mortar

  • SKU: 1010-K
  • 108.02 USD$108.02

Designed for strength and durability, 1010 Solid-X Trowelable Epoxy Mortar is a three-component 100% solids epoxy mortar developed for structural floor repairs. It features a compressive strength greater than concrete and trowelability with minimal shrinking for seamless repairs. This product is ideal for repairing holes or damaged concrete floors in high-traffic areas in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

1010 Solid-X Trowelable Epoxy Mortar can be used for repairing floor defects too large for resin-only products or concrete where the repair needs to be formed such as large spalls, trenches, joint reconstruction, curb repair, building ramps, coving, and more.

A proprietary blend of polymers, curing agents, and structural quartz sand, 1010 Solid-X Trowelable Epoxy Mortar features a low odor, no VOC formulation that is resistant to most chemicals. Simply mix it, apply it to the concrete with a trowel, and let it dry for an hour. There’s no grinding or smoothing necessary, allowing floors to be repaired quickly and efficiently.

Self-priming, the 1010 Solid-X Trowelable Epoxy Mortar doesn’t need a primer or a topcoat unless desired to match a floor color or prior to applying epoxy or polyaspartic floor coating.

Features and Advantages:

      High Solids
      Zero VOC / Low Odor
      Fast Cure
      Stronger than concrete
      Excellent resistance to most chemicals
      South Coast AQMD compliant
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