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5018 Matte Polyaspartic Topcoat 1.5 Gal Kit

  • SKU: 5018-000-1
  • 224.96 USD$224.96

5018 Matte Polyaspartic Topcoat is a two component topcoat that is designed to provide a matte finish in a single application. 5018M Polyaspartic has a low viscosity that makes it very easy to apply while providing great flow and leveling. 5018M Polyaspartic exhibits great chemical and excellent wear resistance due to the crosslinking of the series film in the cure. The 5018M Polyaspartic is extremely user-friendly without having sacrificed the performance of the finished product.

Use 5018M Polyaspartic to create a natural stone look over your finished floor. It is ideal to be used as a topcoat over Versatile flooring systems such as Lava Flow® Metallic Epoxy, Roll on Rock®, or over a clear primer for a matte finish.  5018M Polyaspartic can be applied by squeegee, brush or roller over Versatile flooring options where a matte finish is desired.

Areas of use:

  • Garage floors
  • Retail floors
  • Industrial floors
  • Exterior applications
  • Most previously coated floors – consult with manufacturer

The 5018 Matte Polyaspartic Topcoat offers many advantages such as a low VOC <50g, low odor, great chemical resistance, UV resistant, hot tire resistant, matte finish and will cure at temperatures just above freezing. The 5018M Polyaspartic will come in a 1.5 gallon kit and a 15 gallon kit. Each 1.5 gallon kit of 5018M Polyaspartic will cover approximately 450 square feet, while the 15 gallon kit will provide coverage rates of approximately 4500 square feet.

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