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5085 Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating 10 Gal Kit

  • SKU: 5085-000-2

5085 Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating

The 5085 Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic Floor Coating is a two-component polyaspartic designed for easier application with fast dry times.  The 5085 Ultra-High Solids Polyaspartic Flooring was developed for floor coating installers/contractors that might be a little hesitant about the working time of polyaspartics due to their reputation of having rapid cure times. As part of the development process, 5085 Polyaspartic was tested in real-world conditions by experienced installers across the United States.  These long-time customers of Versatile reported real-world working times of 35-50 minutes in temperatures ranging up to 88 degrees with 61% humidity.  This testing has shown that the 5085 Polyaspartic concrete floor coating provides superior pot life and working time when compared to traditional polyaspartic concrete floor coatings without giving up much of the early cure time that polyaspartics are known for.

The 5085 Polyaspartic Coating is formulated with cutting-edge technology that provides 45 minutes of working time allowing your company to reduce the number of installers per job, double your work capacity, improve the quality of your floors, increase revenue, and best of all, provide a beautiful full-bodied, high-build topcoat with only one application.  Gone are the days when your installers need to apply two topcoats to get the luxurious build that customers want, 5085 Polyaspartic accomplishes that with only one coat. The outstanding feature of this polyaspartic flooring product is the long work time it offers installers, exceptional build, low VOC, excellent chemical resistance, hardness, abrasion resistance, and UV stability.  Lastly, as part of our tradition of formulating low VOC coatings, the 5085 Polyaspartic uses solvents that are shown to not harm the ozone layer.

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4195 Direct to Concrete Epoxy Adhesion Test

To Jimmy McGee and the Versatile Building Products team,

I have been waiting for a new product for quite some time to launch. The product I am speaking of is the 5085 non yellowing polyaspartic. Well…..you know what they say, good things cone to those who wait. I cannot say enough great things about this product!! This product is exactly what the epoxy industry has been waiting for…..NO JOKE!!! The product is much more “user friendly”. 5085 spreads evenly, lap lines are a thing of the past and last but not least, 5085 has longer drying time due to its thickness. I personally give this product a 10 out of 10 review. If any other installers have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to call me on my direct line.


Daynan Johnson
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