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5350 Chemical Resistant Urethane Industrial Floor Coating/Topcoat

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5350 Chemical Resistant Urethane Industrial Floor Coating/Topcoat

Our 5350 Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU) Industrial Floor Coating/Topcoat  is perfect for almost any industrial facility with concrete flooring. Whether you’re coating floors in a heavy-traffic warehouse, a chemical processing plant, or an aircraft hangar, Versatile’s 5350 CRU Industrial Floor Coating/Topcoat will ensure a water-clear, attractive, professional-grade finish.

Chemical Resistant, Non-Yellowing Industrial Floor Coating

In an industrial environment, floors are exposed to more wear, use, and abuse than almost anywhere else. Industrial flooring is subject to everything from heavy vehicles to high temperatures, to chemical spills and residues. So, when you’re installing an industrial floor topcoat or coating, it’s important that the product you use is up to the job.

With the 5350 Urethane, that’s never a concern. This coating is a two-part product that can withstand the rigors of practically any industrial setting.

The 5350 Urethane has been specially formulated to maintain its integrity even when driven over by heavy-duty vehicles. It’s also resistant to stains and damage from chemicals frequently used in industrial settings and can be cleaned easily using standard products. Finally, we’ve formulated the 5350 CRU Industrial Floor Coating/Topcoat to be non-yellowing, even with heavy exposure to UV light.

5350 Urethane has also been formulated to have a low VOC count of less than 50, making it one of the safest urethane coatings on the market for industrial flooring installations.

Use as a Standalone Floor Coating or as a Topcoat

Our 5350 Urethane product can be used as a standalone industrial floor coating or as a topcoat to seal and protect other flooring systems. It results in a clear, glossy finish that gives any floor a clean and attractive appearance.

5350 Urethane is perfect for almost any industrial setting, including service bays, aircraft hangars, chemical processing plants, and locker rooms. Place your order today to ensure high-quality results on your next job.

Features and Advantages:

  • Garage floors
  • Retail floors
  • Industrial floors
  • Any concrete floor
  • Most previously coated floors consult with manufacturer

Where Used:

  • Residential concrete floors
  • Industrial concrete floors
  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Retail flooring
  • Over decorative concrete floors
  • Service Bay concrete floors
  • Aircraft Hangar concrete floors
  • Commercial Kitchen concrete floors
  • Locker Room concrete floors
  • Chemical Process Facilities concrete flooring
  • Anywhere else industrial floor coatings are needed
  • Aircraft Hangar with 5350 CRU Industrial Floor Coating
  • 5350 CRU Industrial Floor Coating
  • Industrial Floor with Glossy CRU Finish
  • Aircraft on Coated Industrial Floor
  • Aircraft on Chemical-Resistant Urethane Coating
  • CRU Installation in Aircraft Hangar
  • Industrial Floor with Urethane Coating
  • Industrial Facility Concrete Floor with Coating
  • Aircraft on Urethane-Finish Floor
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