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9 x 3/8" Lint Free Roller Cover

  • SKU: 7005

Helpful Preventative Tip for prepping these rollers so that there is less lint pulled onto solid color floors. *No prep is needed if doing a full broadcast flake floor.

  1. Remove the Roller Cover out of the plastic sleeve.
  2. Use a strip of 2” wide tape to roll over the fabric on the roller to help remove any loose or excess lint off the roller cover surface.
  3. If doing a solid color floor then rinse the roller with solvent to remove even more of the lint.
  4. This will help reduce any contamination on the rolled out surface.
  5. If doing a large several thousand square foot floor then be sure to change the roller out before it wears too much.  Usually rollers will break down faster when trying to apply coatings very tight to the surface or with larger square footage areas.

If doing a solid color floor and there is a zero lint expectation then we recommend using a 1/16” notched trowel to apply the epoxy and then to roll it our using a mohair roller http://www.garagecoatings.com/product/18by-14-inch-mohair-roller-cover.asp .

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