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Liquid Quartz Kit

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Create a high-end designer-style floor with our 1009 Liquid Quartz™. This three-component decorative highbuild, self-leveling epoxy flooring system is built on 100% solids epoxy technology. It provides a high-performance traffic surface with modern, upscale aesthetics that give the appearance of a high-build color quartz system. A quick-turnaround system, Liquid Quartz™ enables a faster application using fewer installation steps and hours compared to standard epoxy and polyaspartic quartz broadcast systems. The self-leveling properties allow for easy repair of minor damage when needed. Typical installations provide a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch build in one application. Liquid Quartz™ offers residential, commercial, or institutional spaces impressive durability and beautiful designer style. It is self-sealing and does not require a separate topcoat. However, an additional polyaspartic topcoat application is recommended for additional protection against scuffing, foot traffic, and UV resistance for a floor that will last a lifetime.

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