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41 Series Epoxy Accelerator

  • SKU: 4976
  • 13.64 USD$13.64

4100, 4150 & 4195
60 – 45 degrees F   One to Two 41 Accelerators per gal of epoxy     ½ pint cans
45 – 37 degrees F   Two 41 Accelerators per gal of epoxy    ½ pint cans
Add the appropriate accelerator into their appropriate components:
41 Series Accelerators: Add to the B-Component and mix thoroughly for 2 minutes prior to mixing in the A-Component
Ambient Temperature Note:
In order to fully utilize the effectiveness of the accelerator and achieve a more rapid turnaround time, it is advised to keep the components as close to ambient temperature of approximately 65 to 70 degrees F prior to the installation.
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