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48 Series Epoxy Accelerator

  • SKU: 4975
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Use one accelerator at 60 degrees and 2 at 40 degrees when you want the material to dry at about the same time as it would take on a 70 degree day.


he 41, 48, 50 and 53 Accelerators speed the cure of the 4100, 4800, 5000 and 5300 series systems correspondingly. Under conditions of lower temperatures, they enable the user to complete an installation without the expected delays from colder conditions. In order to fully utilize the effectiveness of the accelerator and achieve a more rapid turn around time, it is advised to keep the components as close to ambient temperature of approximately 65 to 70 degrees F prior to the installation. The accelerators can also be used in circumstances where there is limited shut down capacity to facilitate the specified duration of down time intended before use.


48 Epoxy Accelerator is an additive to be used with the 4800, both pigmented and clear. It is intended for low temperature applications as well as conditions requiring earlier use than the physical properties of the coating could have developed under ambient conditions.


The following results were conducted at a temperature of 37 degrees F. At this temperature, the equivalent of 2 accelerators were used per kit in order to achieve cure of the films.
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