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Blended Flake

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Garage Floor Epoxy Flakes: Blended Color Chips - 25 & 50 Lb. Boxes

Sold only as a component of a complete system with Primer and Topcoat. Qualifies for free freight when ordered with Primer and Topcoat

From condo lobbies to retail showrooms, epoxy flake flooring is an excellent way to give any concrete floor an attractive, durable, and long-lasting appearance. At Versatile, our blended color garage floor epoxy flakes are the perfect choice for any professional installer.

Our blended color chips are each made up of several colors, combined using a proprietary manufacturing process that makes every flake unique from any other. We sell our blended color garage floor epoxy flakes in 1/16-inch, 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch, and 1-inch sizes, giving you a range of chip-size choices that you can apply or combine however you see fit.

Combine with Roll On Rock® Epoxy Flake Flooring  System

Our blended color garage floor epoxy flakes can be used with almost any epoxy flake flooring system, but they deliver a truly exceptional finish with our Roll On Rock® system. Roll On Rock® is Versatile’s exclusive epoxy flake flooring system, used by professional installers all over America.

The backbone of the Roll On Rock® system is our specially-formulated  This epoxy has been tested against competitors, where it has proven itself to be the strongest, toughest, and most durable direct-to-concrete epoxy in the business. Our 4195 Epoxy wicks deep into concrete for remarkable, lifetime adhesion. It also boasts one of the top scores for MVE protection in the business.

Combine our blended color garage floor epoxy flakes with the Roll On Rock® system for your next installation to see truly exceptional results.

Garage Floor Epoxy Flakes by the Box

You can purchase our garage floor epoxy flakes in combination with one of our epoxy systems. We keep truckloads of inventory available at any given time, ensuring your order can be filled and shipped quickly after it’s been placed.

Features and Advantages:

  • Each flake is made up of numerous colors
  • Chips available in four sizes and over ten colors
  • Delivers an exceptional look to any floor
  • Works great as part of our Roll On Rock® system

Where Used:

  • Residential concrete floors
  • Retail flooring
  • Commercial concrete floors
  • Anywhere else garage floor epoxy flakes can be installed


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